Maintenance Report from Gundam ’79 The Movie
Report from: Dallas Mora

In Gundam 79, the crew of White base finds themselves in a stress-filled moment that produces fear and anxiety. The team of White Base is frantically fighting to survive as Char and other Zeon soldiers attack them at all sides. They know that they will be fine if they can get into reentry orbit because the enemy can’t follow them. But as they reach that point, a point that should be a time of celebration, they have another fear. Armuro and the Gundam are still outside of the ship! A new fear grips their hearts as they enter the communication dead zone.  They don’t know if Amuro can survive this. They already witnessed a Zaku burn up in the atmosphere. Can their friend and crewmate survive this?

Then, as the blast doors on the ship, a ray of sunshine floods every deck. As their eyes adjust to the sudden blinding light, a very safe Armuro and Gundam is before them! They rejoice at this moment. Fear has dissipated, doubt is gone, and finally, all forms of anxiety are gone. During this moment of rejoicing, a young one comments on the scene outside the windows. Many of the elders suddenly realized that the kids from the colonies had never seen the wonder that is, the planet earth. The rest of this moment is filled with everyone taking time to stand in awe and wonder of the natural landscape before them, appreciating this moment of peace after such a frightening season.

This moment of awe and wonder is so necessary for all of us to take, especially after a season of busyness and trials.  We need to take a moment and step back and give thanks for what is around us and what has been given to us. Psalm 33:8 says, “Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him!” standing in awe of Him means standing in awe of His creation and standing in awe of the fact that the earth is perfectly positioned in space so that life can be vibrant!

This concept of getting away and standing before God is seen in various ways throughout the Bible. One such place is demonstrated in the life of Jesus Himself. Just after Jesus discovers His cousin, John the Baptist, was murdered, Jesus goes off to pray and stand before God. Now, yes; as He tries to find this moment of peace, He does stop to show compassion for others and meet their needs. But when He’s done, he still goes to stand before God and decompress.

We have to do this as individuals; we sometimes just have to stop, take care of ourselves; and breathe in the presence of God’s wonder.

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